Arranging Your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Arranging Your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Few could have predicted the sheer impact Covid-19 would have on almost every aspect of our lives. Lessons have been learned, such as the importance of making the most of the present, but also the importance of preparing for the future. Planning ahead for our own passing is one vital way to help us to secure the future lives of our loved ones.

With rising funeral costs and the influence of the global pandemic, there has never been a better time to organise your pre-paid funeral plan.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Funerals?

With Covid-19 causing thousands of premature deaths, many families have had to organise unexpected funerals. For others, lockdown has made the usual arrangements all the more challenging as well as expensive.

The government has been investigating UK funeral service providers after concerns were raised over the lack of regulation for funeral directors in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have also been conducting their own research into the sector since May 2018. They have expressed concern over falling standards, rising prices, and a lack of information available to consumers. But the CMA have had to postpone and even abandon their incentives for change due to lockdown, leaving the general public even more unsure about funeral plans.

How Much Will Future Funerals Cost?

The financial services company Sunlife have reported an average cost of £4,417 for a funeral in 2020, marking a 62% increase within the last ten years. The organisation has predicted that, based on previous inflation, we could see funerals costing around £5,285 by 2024.

With financial pressures leaving many families unprepared for funeral charges, some have had to source alternative revenue, such as funeral crowdfunding.

What Are the Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

With the future still very much uncertain, there has been no better time to consider a pre-paid funeral plan. There is no specific age requirement for arranging your funeral, but for those aged 50 and above it has become an important part of planning ahead.

The key advantage of a pre-paid plan is that the cost of your funeral will be based on current prices, protecting your loved ones from any future increases. There is also the option to cover third-party fees, such as for a minister, cemetery or crematorium.

Not only will a pre-paid plan be financially beneficial, but it will also provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. A professional company can help prepare your plan, giving you the control, confidence and reassurance that your wishes will be fulfilled after your passing.

Why Choose A M Davies?

Here at A M Davies, we work with Golden Leaves to provide you with an individual pre-paid funeral plan tailored to your priorities. Along with our own experience, Golden Leaves have been providing funeral plans for over 30 years and are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and the National Association of Funeral Plan Providers.

Golden Leaves are independent and so have access to all funeral directors. However, clients can nominate a preferred funeral director if they have a preference. Furthermore, Golden Leaves can look to create the contract with the preferred funeral director in advance, giving further peace of mind.

At A M Davies, we can discuss all plans via a Zoom meeting, rather than in person. Simply contact us here to arrange an initial chat.

Find out more about our joint service and download further information on our website.