Funeral Plans 2022 – What You Need to Know Now

As we move into 2022 and observe the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to consider the value of later life planning. So, what are the new regulations regarding funeral planning? The government is currently consulting on proposals to ensure that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme operates effectively if a regulated pre-paid funeral plan provider fails. The […]

A Fairer Future for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

After a challenging year during the pandemic, we have all had the opportunity and motive to reflect on the future and the security of our finances, assets, and families. Later life planning has become an increasingly important concern for adults of all ages, including pre-paid funeral plans. The main advantage of a pre-paid funeral plan […]

Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. A year on and official figures reveal that over half a million people have since passed away in the UK. This number comprises over 100,000 excess deaths. And while the death of a loved one can be overwhelming at any time, families […]

Why Current Funeral Costs are Causing ‘Serious Concerns’

Funerals are always a difficult time, no matter what the circumstances. Covid-19, however, has made the experience even more stressful; emotionally, financially, and in terms of  making all the arrangements. With ongoing lockdown restrictions, these complications are set to continue. There are also growing concerns that some funeral providers are making the situation worse. Increased […]

Including a Funeral in your Later Life Planning

Including a Funeral in your Later Life Planning Arranging your funeral may seem morbid, but it will help to ensure that you and your family have complete peace of mind for what lies ahead. Experienced funeral providers Golden Leaves have revealed interesting evidence about current consumer views on later life planning. Regardless of age, funerals […]