Funeral Plans 2022 – What You Need to Know Now

As we move into 2022 and observe the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to consider the value of later life planning. So, what are the new regulations regarding funeral planning? The government is currently consulting on proposals to ensure that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme operates effectively if a regulated pre-paid funeral plan provider fails. The […]

How to Rent Your Property

Are you planning to rent your property in 2022? Becoming a landlord is a complex process. When you take this step, it’s important to understand the costs you’ll be liable for, and the key obligations involved with owning a buy-to-let property. Here’s an indication of some of the things you need to know about becoming a […]

Home Buyers Fall Victim to Latest Fraud

The Law Society of England and Wales have raised concerns over the current rise in fraud specifically targeting home buyers. Known as Payment Diversion Fraud, the scams involve criminals posing as solicitors to send forged correspondence, with the unsuspecting recipient conned into making a payment. With our growing reliance on the internet, scammers have become […]

Probate Experts Warn Against Online Wills

The ongoing global pandemic has prompted many to turn their thoughts to their futures and to put plans in place to ensure their personal legal affairs are in order. In December 2020, The Law Society reported that 7% of survey respondents made or updated their will during the first COVID-19 lockdown, with online services experiencing […]

Land Registry Application Changes to Go Digital in 2022

HM Land Registry has announced that any changes required for existing titles will need to be made digitally as of November 2022. While the organisation has been working to improve its online system for several months, this is the first time that using the digital portal has been made mandatory. The agency, which falls under […]

Modernising Lasting Powers of Attorney

The lasting power of attorney (LPA) was introduced in 2007. It was designed to provide more flexibility and greater protections than its predecessor, the enduring power of attorney (EPA). However, as our world increasingly shifts online, the public now increasingly want access to their services digitally. Digital channels undoubtedly improve access and speed of service. […]

The Importance of Including Digital Assets in Your Will

Following a difficult eighteen months, many of us have reflected on our present circumstances and have felt an increasing importance to protect ourselves and our loved ones for the future. Making and updating a will can bring peace of mind that your possessions and finances are looked after for the long-term, but recent research has […]

Drive to Make Unique Property Reference Numbers the Norm

With ongoing pressures on the property market post-lockdown, professionals in the sector have called on the government to update and improve the system of selling, buying and renting. Most recently, this has included a drive to encourage using Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs). In a recent article published online by the Law Gazette, Andrew Knight, […]

New Digital Developments for Land Registration

The HM Land Registry have revised their service to provide more options for online applications as well as announcing plans to begin testing their new electronic signature technology. The updates went live on 6 September 2021 and are part of an ongoing effort to digitalise the registry system. The organisation has been working towards digitalisation […]

Changes to Commercial Leases After Covid-19

With many UK industries returning to business as usual, commercial tenants have been expected to do the same with payment of rent under the conditions of their commercial leases. However, with reduced profitability and continued financial insecurity, many traders are finding themselves unable or unwilling to return to regular rent payments, putting themselves as well […]