Improving the Working Practices of the Legal Industry using Digital Innovations

Are digital innovations the answer to ongoing growth and success within the legal industry? A recent report co-funded by a number of businesses in the Leeds City Region suggests that it may well be so.

Compiled by Whitecap Consulting over a period of six months, the report identifies the impact of digital developments on legal working practices in West Yorkshire and how they could be of continued benefit to this particular area for the long-term.


“Exponential changes with technology, communications, data and algorithms mean we are now experiencing a revolutionary change in the legal industry”, explains Nick Emmerson, President of the Leeds Law Society, in an online article from the Yorkshire Post.


Reflecting and Projecting on Five Year Plans

With financial backing from Leeds City Council, Harrogate Borough Council and the Leeds Law Society to name but a few, the findings have caused an understandable stir. Professionals from the sector have even taken part in a virtual discussion of the report findings as part of the Leeds Digital Festival on 29th September, which can be viewed again online.


The data in the report has added significance as it reflects not only the considerable changes to businesses prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic but also ongoing shifts to the way the law sector has operated over the past five years. The report also suggests that this could continue for the next five years if the region remains a beacon for both law and technology firms.


What the Figures Really Mean for Legal Firms


In this current period of economic uncertainty, the findings offer a source of hope and opportunity for the future of these two industries as well as for the area. The figures certainly sound impressive; the report states that there are over 1,560 legal firms, 8,500 technology companies and 3,700 law graduates from nine universities all within the Leeds City Region.


However, while digital innovations have undoubtedly created new and improved opportunities for the legal sector, the fundamental factors of excellence for a law firm remain unchanged – experience, professionalism, and a personal approach to ensure genuine client satisfaction. Many industry professionals, including the team at A M Davies, believe that it is these key elements that will determine the future success of local legal businesses.


“It is ultimately the quality of care and expertise of the individual solicitor that matters, and his/her relationship with the client”, says Angela Davies LL.B, Solicitor at A M Davies.


Remaining Client-Focused Now and in the Future

A M Davies have successfully made digital provision for clients during the period of lockdown and will continue to do so in the long term. The team can advise and take instructions via video conferencing and offer expertise in a wide range of areas from wills and funeral plans to property and business contracts.


The process is made all the more client-focused by using the popular and user-friendly Zoom platform. With no commute, A M Davies also pass this saving on to clients with a 10% reduction to published fixed fees for wills and powers of attorney. Contact us to find out more and arrange an initial online conversation.