Is Legal Technology Here to Stay in 2021?

Following months of lockdown and with ongoing uncertainty about the future, digital technology continues to help businesses remain open. From the flexibility of home working to the use of video conferencing, companies and clients have both benefitted. But will technology be useful long term?

When it comes to legal technology in particular, the innovations have the potential to dramatically alter legislation and practices that have been in place for decades, even centuries. The research is fascinating, but its application for the legal sector in 2021 is unlikely to be straightforward.

The Case for Yes

Is legal technology here to stay? For a team of Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts at the University of Liverpool, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. Since the 1980s, they have been investigating the use of AI in aiding legal practices and have recently partnered with law firms to test the results.

The AI technology they have developed is used to “extract and reason with relevant knowledge and data contained within complex legal documents”. While traditionally it has taken an experienced legal professional to analyse and evaluate documentation, it is hoped that AI can be used to make this administrative process more efficient, more regulated and more cost-effective.

While initial findings have been positive, it remains to be seen whether legal organisations will be keen to take on the new AI technologies and methods. The developments nevertheless suggest that digital innovations will continue to influence the working practices of the legal sector.

The Case for No

Conducting a meeting online may be one thing but knowing that your legal representative is using Artificial Intelligence as part of an official process may sound unsettling. Even though AI technology has been taken on by some legal firms, this is by no means representative of the wider sector.

Many independent and small firms, such as ourselves at A M Davies, have been in the business for many years and have an in-depth knowledge of our customers when it comes to legal support. While technology may offer more options, we believe the needs of the client should always come first.

In our professional and more recent experience, we have learned that technology can help to broaden the possibilities for contacting clients, but it is not always suitable for every situation. We therefore still aim, where possible, to communicate directly and personally with everyone.

Providing Peace of Mind

The safety and security of our clients continues to be a priority at A M Davies, from adhering to governmental Covid-19 advice during our ongoing virtual face-to-face meetings, to ensuring our IT systems and online communication are thoroughly protected from viruses and hackers.

Whether you prefer a video conference, an email, or a friendly chat on the phone, we are here to listen to your queries and offer the same sound legal advice we have been providing for years.

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