Advance Decisions / Living Wills

Recording your wishes in advance for your medical team

An Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment allows you to record any medical treatments that you do not want to be given in the future, in case you later lack capacity to make or communicate your decision. It is commonly shortened to Advance Decision, and was previously known as a Living Will.

You can use an Advance Decision to refuse any treatment, including life-sustaining treatment.

An Advance Decision is legally binding in England and Wales under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, as long as it is ‘valid’ and ‘applicable’. This means that if a healthcare professional knows you have made a valid and applicable Advance Decision, they must follow it.

We have a comprehensive list of prices for single and multiple instructions, the amount depending on whether a fee is payable to an introducer.

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Advance Decisions - Literature

This leaflet explains how, by recording your wishes now in the proper form, you can avoid medical procedures that you would not want, at a time when you cannot express your own views.


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