New Year Reflections: Changes to the Law and Life in 2020

New Year Reflections: Changes to the Law and Life in 2020

Whether you will look back on 2020 as a year to remember or a year to forget, the past twelve months have undoubtedly had a huge impact on our lives.

The legal sector has been no exception with many adjustments being made as a direct result of the Covid-19 restrictions. The changes have influenced the highest government bodies and leading experts through to the smallest local practices and individual solicitors, including ourselves.

Changes to the Law in 2020

Over the year we have documented the changes caused by lockdown on our website, such as the revision of the Wills Act 1837 (Changing of the Witnessing of Wills Following Covid-19 – Our Response, August 19, 2020). The amendment enables witnessing to be completed by video rather than in person; a decision we still have strong reservations about.

There were also more positive developments such as the growing relationship between the legal and digital sectors in the UK, which we shared in the following article: Improving the Working Practices of the Legal Industry using Digital Innovations (November 1, 2020).

Changes to Life in 2020

Not only did Covid-19 influence the legal sector in terms of legislation and methodology, it also affected the way in which businesses operate. As with many professions, what was once an office-based environment where clients were met face-to-face suddenly became entirely remote.

As a wife and husband team, A M Davies experienced first-hand the benefits of remote working (The Advantages of Remote Working for Businesses and Clients, November 22, 2020). Communication with clients has always been our priority and it remained so during lockdown with the use of video conferencing.


Conducting meetings online is something we have been doing for a while, but there are occasional complications! Following the announcement that emergency legislation would be put in place for video hearings, we wrote about the difficulties of using technology online: Challenges of Virtual Meetings in the Legal Sector (April 27, 2020).

Further Important Updates in 2020

Each year brings revisions to legislation and ongoing concerns from clients. We used our website as a hub to share the latest legal updates (such as the increase in the statutory legacy amount in England and Wales, February 9, 2020) and to provide helpful advice (for example, Arranging Your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, September 13, 2020).

There were also some unexpected highlights, including a ‘Model Statute’ developed by the IBA which gives citizens the right to hold governments to account for their lack of action regarding climate change (International Climate Change Statute: Power to the People, February 24, 2020).

Working Towards a Better Future

It has been a year of changes and challenges, but it has also been a chance to gain a new perspective. Having ourselves learned many lessons, A M Davies are even more determined to continue focusing on our clients during what we hope will be a more positive year.