The Advantages of Remote Working for Businesses and Clients

The Advantages of Remote Working for Businesses and Clients


Flexible working is entirely changing the way businesses operate. Even now, as governments around the world ease lockdown restrictions, it is far from business as usual.

Until recently, the perception that the best work happens in the office has prevailed, but our solicitors have found this not to be the case. “Law as a profession is incredibly mobile, and with the help of technology the work of a lawyer can now be taken almost anywhere.”


Out of Office: Adapting to Covid-19 Restrictions


Remote working has always been a viable option for us. The pandemic simply accelerated the plans we had already been putting in place to hold meetings via video conferencing technology.

We understand that this level of flexibility is easier for some firms than it is for others, and we recognise the fortunate position that we find ourselves in as a husband and wife team.

This year has provided us with an opportunity to ‘get our ducks in a row’ in so far as flexible working is concerned, and we can safely say that it has become an asset to our business at A M Davies.


The Benefits of Remote Working for Businesses


On top of axing the daily commute, we have found numerous benefits to introducing flexible working practices, including increased productivity.

A mixture of home and office working means that we can deal promptly with the post as usual, and also meet safely with clients using Zoom video conferencing. These elements have been essential in enabling us to continue providing the high quality, personalised and seamless service we have built our reputation on.


The Benefits of Remote Working for Clients

Having established a business that focuses entirely on the lawyer-client relationship, understanding the needs of our clients and what form of communication they find most useful has been vital for adopting flexible practices.

Preparing systems in advance, developing a defined structure to meetings, and having a clear and well-communicated agenda has enabled highly effective communication across different mediums.

We have always encouraged phone calls from clients and continue to do so. More recently, we have also been able to see clients face-to-face under safe conditions at times which suit them. Having the flexibility to choose from different communication methods has helped our clients receive the service they need. In a time of such uncertainty, that peace of mind is incredibly valuable.



Working from Home for a Flexible Future


While the pandemic may be a proof point for remote working, the circumstances have undoubtedly been extraordinary.  We are happy to have been able to take advantage of the benefits of recent changes to working practices, and we are proud of the flexible service we have been able to provide to our clients.  We – and our clients – have confidence in this going forwards.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to arrange phone calls or Zoom video interviews to suit your requirements.