The Law and Lockdown during January 2021

It may be the start of a new year but once again we find ourselves in a familiar scenario with another nationwide lockdown. While the next few weeks will see many businesses put on hold once more, the legal profession and firms such as ourselves will continue working, with the appropriate adaptations.

Changes to the Courts

Technology has certainly had a huge influence on the continuation of legal practices, but many legal tasks still require the physical presence of clients and legal professionals and have therefore been excused from the current lockdown regulations.

The Law Gazette has recently reported on the specific legal situations in which it is permissible to meet in person within England (Courts stay open as England plunged back into lockdown, 5 January 2020). These include the “fulfilment of legal obligations, such as attending court as a lawyer or jury member, or to carry out activities relating to buying, selling or letting a home.”

Access to courts had previously been heavily restricted during the first lockdown in March 2020, which allowed only “essential” trials and hearings to take place physically. However, the article notes that many courts have already chosen to use online options during this lockdown instead.

Digital alternatives may be safer and offer more flexibility, but there are concerns regarding their suitability and security for some court hearings and legal procedures where non-lawyers may find it difficult to understand or take part in online proceedings. This latest decision to allow face-to-face meetings within the sector therefore comes as a reassurance for industry experts and clients alike.

Changes to Legal Assistance

Elsewhere in the profession, it is very much business as usual. The start of a new year often prompts us to reflect on the past, on our current situations, and on what we hope to achieve in the future. With our everyday lives temporarily on hold due to lockdown, January and February are even more ideal this year for putting your affairs in order and seeking specialist advice and support.

A M Davies are fully open for business and looking forward to helping new and existing clients with their legal needs. Whether you plan to make or amend a will, arrange a funeral plan, are organising leases and property contracts, or need assistance with a business sale, we are here to help.

Putting Our Clients First

Customer care has always been our priority and remains so during this period of lockdown. We have already conducted many online meetings using Zoom and can offer flexible phone calls and email correspondence. We also meet clients where necessary in outdoor spaces in order to witness their signatures on documents.

Our priority is the safety and peace of mind of our clients, and we are happy to use whichever communication methods are most suitable for you. We are fully compliant with government guidelines regarding Covid-19 restrictions and endeavour to provide the same professional, knowledgeable and dependable service we have come to be known for.

Please contact us directly with any queries you may have.